How to speak Spanish

Our Approach

At Spanish Gym we believe anyone can learn Spanish, no matter your age. We believe learning a foreign language is similar to getting in shape and you exercise your greatest muscle: your brain. As a result of your workouts, you develop new skills: the ability to read, understand, write and speak Spanish. The best part of all is that, whatever gains you make, you won't lose them overtime. There is a lot of science involved in this process but we like to keep it simple and fun: work hard and you will see the gains.

We are all business. When you walk into the lesson, you are there to train, to get better, to get stronger in Spanish, to reach your goals. It is time to focus on getting the very best out of yourself, the lesson and from your training partners. You are there to speak Spanish.

Our Story

I, the founder of Spanish Gym, am Mexican by origin and Spanish comes naturally to me. I always had a keen interest in learning languages. My fascination with and passion for languages grew stronger when, as a freestyle wrestler, I represented Mexico in international events. Over eight years, I traveled extensively and was exposed to new cultures and languages. My approach to learning English and later French as foreign languages as an adult was the same I used for preparing as an athlete and it worked! That includes:

  • Heart: call it passion. Spanish is a beautiful language and it is easy to fall in love with it.
  • Pride: be proud of your accomplishments. However small, they show your progress and increase your ability to communicate.
  • Dedication: be consistent and you will reach your goals. Consistency is key to getting better at Speaking Spanish.
  • Believing: anyone can learn Spanish, you can learn Spanish.
  • Work Ethic: it is not so much the materials you use to learn Spanish, but the practice and correcting of bad habits, constantly learning and mastering new words and grammar structures.
  • Desire: wanting, needing, even liking to communicate in Spanish.
  • Commitment: continuous training in one, two or more of the many different ways there are to learn and practice Spanish all year round.
  • Courage: speaking a foreign language is intimidating and it takes a lot of courage to dive into communication, especially with native speakers. The best learners are not afraid to make mistakes, they take risks and try again and again after they fail. Our training and preparation helps you reduce that fear and increase your confidence.
  • Mental Toughness: every language leaner will face setbacks and adversity. However, they do not give up, they bounce back and use these setbacks to become stronger at speaking Spanish.

In 2004, I migrated to the United States. I have been teaching Spanish in New York City since then to people from all different walks of life. From middle and high school Spanish teachers to Managing Directors and CEOs of well-known companies, nurses, psychologists, waiters, computer experts, actors, accountants, managers, lawyers, bartenders, social workers and the list goes on.

Meet the Team


Israel López A.


Born and raised in Mexico, studied English at the Universidad Autónoma Benito Juarez de Oaxaca, Mexico, French at Kalamazoo College, MI, USA, and earned a Masters in Applied Spanish Linguistics to the Teaching of Spanish as a Second / Foreign Language at the Universidad de Jaen, Spain.

Have taught English as a foreign language in Mexico and Spanish in College, High school, Middle school, Elementary school and to home-schooled students.

You can learn to speak Spanish

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