Intermediate Spanish Lessons

Difficulty understanding native Spanish speakers?

Learn how to listen so that you can understand Spanish better and make progress faster in your ability to understand spoken Spanish.

Intermediate Spanish Conversation

Can't stop translating in your head?

During our lessons, you will learn and practice so that you can finally get rid of this problem.

Intermediate Spanish Practice

Stuck in intermediate level Spanish?

We will give you the key to get past this obstacle. We will identify, make a personalized plan, and work on making sure you overcome the reasons why you seem not to be able to move ahead with your Spanish right from the beginning.

Intermediate Spanish Practice

Exercises appropriate for your level.

Intermediate Spanish Conversation

Listen to the Spanish at the specific level required for you to advance to the next level.


I’ve been studying with Israel from Spanish Gym for a year and a half with great results. Israel is an experienced teacher with infinite patience who tailors each lesson according to my personal needs. The discussion topics he brings in make learning fun and interesting. Plus, he’s a really great guy. I don’t hesitate to recommend him.

- Ashley W.

Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

I have been learning Spanish for many years through school classes, speaking with people who are fluent in Spanish, travel, tutors and reading on my own. I have learned more in the last year with Israel’s one-on-one tutoring than any other form of teacher. He is organized, professional and enjoyable to work with and is expert at assessing my language skill level and challenging me at that level to learn the most I can. I highly recommend Spanish Gym!

- Leslie, Registered Nurse

Park Slope, Brooklyn

Awesome resource
I took one-on-one lessons with Israel from Spanish Gym for several months, he remains one of the most effective teachers I've ever had! He's got a great system for organizing different problem areas and holds you acocuntable to your goals. I'd recommend him to anyone looking to invest in their Spanish skills!
- Miso M.
Downtown Brooklyn

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