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Academic Tutoring

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Online Spanish Lessons

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Lesson Packages for Spanish: Basics

  • Goals

Your goal is our goal. We will help you communicate effectively in Spanish in the shortest time possible, with an array of dynamic Spanish lesson New York options.

  • Progression

From easy to more difficult, with a communicative approach.

  • Materials

In addition to traditional friendly learning materials, we will use multimedia support to ensure faster, stronger language development and acquisition. Text, audio, video and web technologies are used to your benefit through exercises that will effectively and efficiently help you acquire strong, effective Spanish skills.

  • Flexibility

The lesson plans for Spanish are highly flexible. You decide when and even where to meet. You can start or join on any date you like.

  • Rates

All lesson types are affordable and there are various discounts available.  You can save more by taking advantage of pre-paid lesson packages.

Learn Spanish Brooklyn

How to learn Spanish

It is a fact that private instruction is more personal and effective than books, audio programs or software. However, we incorporate all 4 in our teaching. Our classes can be scheduled in seconds, at a time, date and place that are always convenient for you. You will even save money since you get a discount price when you book lessons in advance. We teach using current & effective materials and during our lessons we will focus on speaking, listening comprehension, reading and writing skills, as needed. You will have a chance to improve your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation while benefiting from proven leading teaching methodologies.

our secret to the success of our students

Our lessons are based on lots of conversation in Spanish for faster learning. This is what our expertise in Spanish and years of teaching experience has shown to be effective. Our courses are tailored to your specific needs. No boring lessons but a lot of fun while you learn Spanish. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

High School Spanish

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