Why go to Manhattan to learn Spanish? Study in Brooklny


You will learn the key words you need to know to be able to communicate in Spanish with native speakers.


You will study Spanish grammar in a way that will make sense to you quickly and without much effort.


You will start reading in Spanish from the beginning to consolidate what you are learning in class.


Because communication is not only spoken, you will start developing your writing skills in Spanish along with your other Spanish language skills in mind.


Learn how to understand Spanish in a way that will help you communicate in Spanish in conversations with native speakers. We will help you get to that magical moment when you realize you can actually understand what is being said. Schedule your first lesson so you can listen for yourself!


During our lessons, you will learn our biggest secret to learn Spanish fast and finally be able to speak Spanish. You will be speaking Spanish with us.

Top three things to learn Spanish fast

Learn Spanish 1-on-1

Nothing beats personalization when it comes to learning Spanish.

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Learn with Native Tutors

There are many benefits and advantages of learning Spanish with a native tutor. Learn which natives to avoid to make the most out of your money and time.

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Best way to learn Spanish

All roads lead to Rome. Some take longer than others. Learn the shortcuts we know and save time, money and effort!

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