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Benefits of learning Spanish from a native Spanish tutor

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1. Authentic, practical use of vocabulary.

Vocabulary is the main building block to communicate. Learn to use it just like natives do.

2. More conversation with a native speaker.

More listening to and speaking with a native Spanish speaker.

3. Better accent and pronunciation.

Learning Spanish from a native will have a positive impact on your vocabulary,  grammar, pronunciation, and fluency.

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4. Learn about culture as well as language.

Learning about culture is central to the acquisition of linguistic and cultural competency. The meanings of Spanish also represent the culture of their speakers. When you learn Spanish, it helps you learn about the Spanish-speaking world and the world in general.

5. Learn Spanish in a fun and natural way.

You will learn all the things that are unconscious but that are characteristic of native Spanish speakers.

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6. You will have to speak Spanish.

Learning Spanish from a native will have a positive impact on your vocabulary,  grammar, pronunciation, and fluency.

7. We are proficient in Spanish and English.

We learned English as adults so we have been there and done it. We have the experienced to help you.



Israel has a ton of teaching experience and it shows. If you want the best value for your dollar, you can't go wrong with SpanishGym. I've taken Spanish classes in high school, classes at a Brooklyn language learning center and tried to learn on my own. None of my attempts paid off as much as my lessons with Israel. I highly recommend.

- Ash R.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

A Gifted Teacher

I have had many Spanish teachers over the years and of them all, Israel from Spanish Gym is the best. He has a talent for helping a student define and achieve their goals. He is creative in his style, finding the best way to engage a students interest. We have used textbooks, language drills, conversation and even watching, studying and translating Mexican horror movies from the 1950s (my request). Israel makes learning Spanish easy and fun. I highly recommend him for anyone looking to learn or improve their Spanish.

- Anonymous

Lower East Side, New York

Great Experience

I have studied with a number of of Spanish teachers, but Israel from Spanish Gym is my favorite. In fact, I’ve been studying with him for almost three years. Israel is incredibly patient and explains Spanish grammar in a way that finally makes sense to me. He is also a great conversationalist, so our lessons move along with ease. I was part of Spanish Gym's Spanish immersion trip to Oaxaca last January, and aside from really enjoying myself, that full week of only speaking Spanish gave my fluency quite a boost. Plus, I learned so much about Mexico and Oaxaca that I would never have learned if I had just traveled there on my own. Israel was a wonderful and caring guide who is a native of Oaxaca, so he knows all about every nook and cranny of the city and the surrounding area.

- Martha B.

Brooklyn, NY

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