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We do one thing and one thing only: Teach Spanish

We help people like you become fluent in Spanish in the shortest time possible with our Spanish lessons in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

We are native Spanish tutors with degrees, but not just any degree. We are trained professionals in the field of teaching Spanish as a foreign language in the city of New York.

We help you reach your Spanish language goals through private lessons and small group classes.

We are known to be the tutors and teachers of non-native Spanish teachers and many other professionals and individuals who need to communicate in Spanish.

The students who like us the most are adults who are passionate and committed to learn and communicate in Spanish.

You have a College Professor of Spanish, a Spanish teacher, a Spanish language instructor from a language school and a Spanish tutor all in one person sitting in front of you, who has put together all that knowledge and years of experience in a package for you to be able to speak Spanish.

In short, we are all native speakers with the language proficiency you need, professionally trained, with a deep knowledge of the field and with teaching experience.

Finally, no facility costs equals more affordable education. Our satisfied New York City clients speak for ourselves since 2004.

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